About me


I'm a years old dane, and I hold a bachelor's degree in Media- and sono communication at Sonic College. I'm a professionally trained musician and composer as well, and I currently work full-time as an audio programmer. Music has been a core part of my life and upbringing, but I've always been fond of technicalities, electronics and logic as well. As a result, I started gaining interest for computers at a very early age, and I've been programming steadily since an age of 15 years - driven by a devotion and fascination that never seems to stop (and let me sleep!).

Age 17 I managed to combine my interests of life in a single, but diverse field: Interactive sound. I started picking up on heavier programming languages such as C and C++ in the interest of programming signal processing plugins for my electronic music compositions, but I quickly realized I've stumbled upon a major interest in my life. Ever since I've been reading up on heavier maths and signal processing to accompany my ever increasingly ambitious projects, and through these I manage to program and script the stuff that really gets me: Interactive and procedural sound, which is what I've specialized myself in.

As a programmer, every aspect fascinates me; from theoretical computer science and algorithms, real-time SIMD parallelization and down to electrical engineering and logic of integrated circuits. After having written a lot of software, I've amassed knowledge of design concepts and development procedure; high-level abstract design and low-level assembly debugging. I mostly program in C++ and C#, and use Python, C, Perl, Javascript on a regular basis.

Like most developers, I'm familiar with way too many technologies to list at this point, generally comfortable with picking up what I need for the task at hand. Webdesign, HTML and CSS is more of an on-need basis. I've gained much experience working as a software developer, especially around great team work across the globe, project management and organisational tools needed as a professional in the industry. I also have experience in automating operating systems and tedious tasks in languages such as AutoIt or with shells and command line tools.

As a musician, my main instrument has been the guitar. I've played in both rock bands and classical guitar groups, playing live concerts around the country and releasing studio material. I started composing electronic and beat music since age 13, and have been collaborating with local artists since. In conjunction with my musical education both in elementary, secondary and high school as well as a dedicated music school I believe I've gained myself a trained ear, and I currently work with sound and music daily; designing interactive sound programs or games, or simply composing or playing music. I'm looking forward dedicating my life to studying and working with developing sound in such constructions as well as creating tools for audio applications that ultimately help people out being creative.

I firmly believe my mission is to provide tools that assist in or allow new ways of expressing sound and music. Just so happens I really enjoy researching and developing such tools!

I enjoy working together and collaborating with other people, and I believe we ultimately gain more insight together. As an avid supporter of open-source software, I hope to give back what I have learned to others as well. That's why you'll find everything on this portal is free and/or open source. You should check out some of my projects, and shoot me an e-mail if you would like to collaborate on something, have feedback or ideas!

You can also check out my cv. That's it for now, I hope you enjoy your stay and we may meet another place: I enjoy scouring the internet on related forums and IRC, discussing and researching topics especially related to DSP and programming. You may recognize me under aliases such as Mayae.