Dead Weight - Nordic Game Jam 2015

"Dead Weight" was a game created by Lasse Deleuran, Karen Bennet, Krzysztof Gnutek and me during the Nordic Game Jam 2015. Lasse & Krzysztof was the main game content creaters and logic programmers, while Karen personally did all graphic design, UIs, sketches and what not, and I primarily did the game audio and -fx. The theme of the year was obvious, so obviously, our game revolved around Captain Obvious. From left to right in the picture, Caption Obvious, Major Malfunction, Pvt. Quarters, General Knowledge and Corporal Punishment:

Mock-up of Dead Weight

Unfortunately, the blimp carrying them is carrying too much weight, so they need to get rid of some dead weight. Therefore, Captain Obvious decided the loser of the game gets thrown out!

The game is a fast-paced multi player quiz game, where the player is rewarded for answering correctly quickly and multiple times in a row. However, the catch is that every question asked may have non-obvious answers, so you have to concentrate on answering correctly, weighting guessing against double-checking, wasting valuable time.