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Hello everyone,

I want to start out thanking everyone at the last release cycle for helping out with feedback and ideas, and for the general interest, critique and compliments. I would have loved to implement all of your ideas, but as you probably figured I've been way to busy with work, studies and other side projects.

I've not neglected the Signalizer project however, it just turned out the next steps I wanted to change required refactoring on large parts of the code, leaving no intermediate releases. As of such, this release is focused on bugfixing and internal framework stuff. Without further ado, here are the release notes:

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28/08/2016 - v. 0.2.9 official release

Bugs, fixes and crashes
09- Fixed buttons not havi ng correct state adopted from parameters
09- Fixed control edit space titles on colour controls when controlling a parameter
09- Abbreviated some controls' names that could n't fit
09 - Fixed a bug when using the "Compare" function in Logic Pro X.

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24/08/2016 - v. 0.2.8 official release

Features/addded stuff
09- Control edit spaces' title is now the control's associated automation parameter name
09- All parameters are now exported and visible, and can be automated
09 - Correct and threaded serialization (with the new parameter system as well) for get state/set state, that can now be called safely on background threads. This was broken on multithreaded hosts
09- Spectrum no longer confined to a minimum of 3 dBs
09- Spectrum window size no longer confined to multiples of 8, and can be less than 1 6 now
09- Added optional auto-hide of tabs after a second (makes Signalizer completely borderless with no unneeded visual content)
09- Updated presets and added one for a simple polar mode

Introduced regressions
09- Old presets *are* support ed and will continue to be, but they don't take effect until you open the tabs for the view in question. This effect is gone when you save the project/preset again.

Bugs, fixes and crashes
09- Ordering of names of RGBA channels in the edit space for colour controls are now in correct order
09- Fixed slope values not being saved & restored correctly
09 - Fixed Flat Top windows only working with periodic shapes
09- Fixed versioning on serialized states, so a "preset& quot; can now correctly contain parts from different versions
09- Fixed bugs with window size being set to zero in almost all circumstances
09- Fixed correct conversions between time and samples in window sizes
09- Fixed assumed unit on window size interpreters (Vect orscope would assume samples, even though it's in time)
09- Fixed the DB meter graph to be completely correct and floating now; also supports negative dBs (need ed for free-floating automation)
09- Fixed roundings of colour conversions from 8-bit to 64-bit
09- Fix ed removal of a content component when clicking on an icon in the vertical tab
09- Fixed spacing in the Vectorscope so it isn't off by 1/N
09- Fixed scanning of peaks in the spectrum to be inclusive of the last considered element (nyquist was never considered otherwise)
09- Fixed interpretation of peak scanning to contain less NaN's in case of complete zero response
09- Fixed FFT transforms reporting nyquist bin to be + 3 dB.
09- Fixe d frequency graphs for complex channel configurations in linear and logarit hmic modes
09- Drawing of lines for the grid should now only disable if alpha channel in the colour is zero
09 - Fixed most of black lines/segments in flood fills
09- Flood fills is now less ta xing on graphics cards
09- Fixed not storing versioning in some preset storages (fixed so me parameters not being saved)
09- Fix for crash when mouse reaches edge of window in som e cases
09- Fi xed possible crash when changing sample rates
09- Fixed not redrawing spectrum graph on s ample rate changes
09 - Fixed frequency tracker being wrongly offset relative to the curso r in its normal mode
09- Fixed frequency graph not being recalculated after changing bet ween complex and linear channel configurations

09- Fixed update smoothing not having any effects
09- Fixed audio history size (in the global settings) not being sa ved nor recalled
09- Changing audio history size now correctly truncates the window sizes in the views, and they're correctly restored on resets
09- Fixed scrolling on OS X i n views to support mouses AND trackpads while holding shift
09- Fixed a regression that c aused stereo filters on the vectorscope to use the filtering coefficient fr om the balance filters
09- Fixed stereo filters not being updated when auto-gain mode is set to none.

Please visit the homep age www. for a full release log (soo n).

Some notes:
- I'v e removed the Oscilloscope and Stats tabs as it was just a waste of space, until they're developed.C2A0
- While the new parameter syst em is completely backwards-compatible, any old presets will not be "ac tive" until the editor for Signalizer and the view + the tabs are open ed. This was limiting and stupid and was one of the reasons the parameter s ystem had to be reworked.
- The new parameter system features a c omplete remake of the internal event handling system. While it is easier to automatically test and verify, some regressions may have sneaked in. Take care and test this new version out in your setup; very interested in hearin g how it works out on other setups.
- From now on, all releases w ill be posted and hosted here:
- I'll be making a back-up mirror on my own site soon.
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If this proves to be as stable as 0.2.7, I'll get back to coding features instead.

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Best regards, Janus/Mayae