Mixing & mastering

I've been managing the whole process of creating music for a decade now, including recording stages, compositions, sound design, mixing and mastering. As a part of studying my bachelor in media- and sonic communication, mixing and mastering have been important topics we've taken several classes, courses and exams in, taught by some of the best in the business.

You can take a look at my music section, to get an idea of how my mixes sound like. I believe in dynamic and transparent sound, avoiding extreme compression (instead relegating it to the mix to be used as a creative effect instead, if needed), and achieving natural balance and stereo images, as well as keeping the mix interesting and non-generic.

I offer this service to train myself mostly, in most circumstances (and for small projects) there will be no expenses, however this is greatly subject to my current workload pressure, size and requirements for project and your ability to package a project easily workable.

Compositions & sound design

Take a look at my sound design section. I really enjoy designing sound and music to fit particular purposes, and it has been a core part of my bachelor (media- and sonic communication; in layman terms: sound designer) both on a theoretical but also practical level. Semantic meaning, especially, allows us to translate qualities from one domain to another - for example, marketing and branding qualities to sound, or feelings/meanings/moods into sound. As always, contact me and we can discuss things. Currently, I'm very interested in doing sound designs for games.

Programming requests & ideas - Support

Please visit each product page firstly, some projects/programs have related forums/threads. If this is not the case, contact me.