Music and sound design

This will be a place I present sounds, music and other stuff I create or participate in.


Game Audio

If you headed into this section, you should also remember to check out the games I did complete sound designs for, like Cornered or Surfing the Wave. In general, it's hard to give a representative way without 'the whole package', but these are some excerpts that either haven't been implemented, or stand well on their own.

These two pieces were the ending themes for the game Cornered which I thought worked out pretty well. The working theme is heaven and hell, accompanied by the game.

This next piece was written for a game called 'Bleak Adventure', a medieval-styled explorer game, where you're walking around in dark forests with eeire atmospheres.


We've done a lot of radio-esque speaks, breakers etc. in Sonic College. This was done for a now-closed radio program on DR.


This one was composed for a specific sequence. The setting is very tense, as the main character discovers somebody was outside, potentially planning a murder on his family.


This sound logo was done for an anonymous public museum. The desired characteristics were to keep the domain classical and traditional, however exploring modern and contemporary art styles. A whole-tone scale played on on piano suggests an mystic and uncertain aura. This depicts the moment you first investigate a piece of art. As you slowly get familiar with the piece, you may (hopefully) gain an understanding for the work at hand. This is depicted through the harmony doing a classical cadence, ending in the home key and releasing the harmonic suspense. Meanwhile, an actual recording of the lid of water boiling in my casserole is being lifted, to illustrate the process in how we analyze and understand art.

This composition was done for an unnamed large city's tourism department, but stands as a general brand music composition suited for many purposes.

Music and bands

Slumb is a collaborative electronic music project together with my brother, Nikolaj. We're both pretty busy with studies and life, but when we have time we sync our computers up and jam along, generally enjoying composing long but varied songs focusing on progressive content. The style generally tends to be a mixture of electronica, trip-hop and dub.

What Used To Be was a old school revival call for hip-hop. Between the rapper, Martin Lønsted, and composors/producers (Christoffer Holm Clausen and me), we created a full-length album back in 2013 filled with care and love for soulful music.

SvingerKlubben ("Swingers' Club") was a live hip-hop/funk band with dedicated musicians in every role. Rap done by Martin Lønsted and Nick Dehn, Yavar Askari on keys, Rasmus Sitarz on drums & vocals, Christoffer Holm Clausen on bass & vocals, while I played as guitarist.